The Aga Khan III, a global leader

November 2nd, 20147:43 pm


The Aga Khan III, a global leader

The month of November is significant for two historic and major blessed events which occurred on consecutive dates, i.e November 1, is the liberation day of Gilgit Baltistan whereas November 2 is the birth day of Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III, a direct descendent of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the 48th Imam and spiritual leader of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims.

Sir Sultan Muhamamd Shah Aga Khan III, a glorious personality, truly does not require any introduction due to the eternity of his magnificent services, guidance and support to the human beings in general, to the Muslim Ummah and to our dear country Pakistan in particular. Nonetheless, on this auspicious occasion, one can not stand still without paying tribute to him. Therefore, each year, his birthday is celebrated to salute him. Thus this small piece of writing is to pay homage to the Imam (A.S) by discussing his aspiring services in a net shell.

He was born at Honeymoon Lodge in Karachi on Friday, November 2, 1877 at 5:30 pm. When his grandfather, Imam Hassan Ali Shah Aga Khan I, who was in Bomby at that time, heard this happy news, he sent a telephonic message to his family that, “Name him Mouhammad Sultan. He would be a sultan (emperor), his period would see wonderful events, and he would earn the greatest fame and distinguished position in the world”. Later period exactly witnessed the truth of Imam Hassan Ali Shah’s prophesy.

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