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→  October 4, 2012

Gulmit Upper Hunza: There is a tragic accident took life of four people while other four injured in this accident. According to the reports the accident happened on a Tractor and the deaths were identified as Moin Khan, Eid Khan and Amir Hussain, hailing from Ghizer District. The Injured people were shifted form Gulmit to [...]

Wasqas Ahmed also named Tiger Arrested by GB Police →  October 4, 2012

Law enforcement agencies arrested Wasqas Ahmed (Tiger) in Gilgit, as alleged of being involved in several terrorist activities in Gilgit Baltistan including firing in Basin Area of Gilgit and road side bomb blast in Minawar area and several other charges. While arrest police also recovered some money and a Gun with bullets from suspect.

Nawaz Khan Naji Walked Out From the Joint Session with Prime Minister in Gilgit Baltistan →  September 29, 2012

While Prime Minster of Pakistan Raja Pervaiz Ashraf’s addressing the session in Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) and Gilgit Baltistan Council, Nawaz Khan Naji Leader of Balawaristan National Front is asked not to question Prime Minister, so he walked out from the sessions saying that “If the Prime Minster of Pakistan comes to address the [...]

Youtube Banned By Pakistan’s Government →  September 19, 2012

Youtube has been banned in Pakistan form Mid Night 16th September 2012 on direct orders form Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf. This is the reaction of the YouTube’s previously denied to remove video as requested from the White House saying that it not violate any of its community guidelines but Google’s YouTube Community Guidelines clearly stated [...]

Protest Against Anti Islam Film in Gilgit Baltistan →  September 19, 2012

Gilgit: On September 18th 2012 Hundreds of protesters of Shia community staged against the Anti-Islam Film in Gilgit City. They Raised Slogans against the United states and Israel. They all protest against the film which was published by a United States Citizen a week ago, Its a 14 minute long video, in which the film [...]

Protests Against Anti-Islam Film in Gilgit Baltistan →  September 18, 2012

Gilgit: 18th September 2012 Almost Hundreds of people protest against the anti-Islam film produced in the United States of America. They demand action against the film maker from US and also demand Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) to take strong action on behalf of all the Muslims of the world. The protesters also raised slogans [...]

Heavy Rainfalls In Multiple Areas of Gilgit Blatistan →  September 18, 2012

Gilgit Baltistan: Heavy Rainfalls in multiple regions of Gilgit-Baltistan have been reported from almost all seven districts, including Gilgit, Hunza – Nagar, Ghizer, Ghanche, Diamer, Astore and Skardu. This risks the blockage of roads in multiple regions across the valley, also multiple landslides have been reported in Multiple Regions of Gilgit Baltistan. According to Pakistan [...]

BABA Jan Released From Gilgit Jail →  September 18, 2012

Gilgit: Today on 17th September 2012 Baba Jan Federal Youth Secretary of Labour Party Pakistan and Chief Organiser Progressive Youth Front Gilgit-Baltistan, released from Giglit jail, after 13 months of imprisonment. Baba Jan was warmly welcomed outside the jail by the supporters and members of Progressive Youth Front, who raised slogans favouring Baba Jan. The release of [...]

→  September 18, 2012

Scientist has discovered the gene which will help to predict the human face. Researchers have said that this new research will help us to find out  the genes responsible for different diseases in human beings. This research on human genome was conducted by four-hundred researchers from  US, Japan, United Kingdom, Spain and Singapore. “Encyclopedia of [...]

GB Legislative Assembly Approve Resolution to Demand Provisional Status of Gilgit Baltistan →  September 13, 2012

Gilgit: On Wednesday Sept 12th 2012 the Legislative Assembly of Gilgit-Baltistan approved a resolution demanding complete provincial status for the Gilgit – Baltistan region. The resolution was jointly proposed by MLA Muhammad Ayub (Ghizar District) and Mutabiat Shah (Hunza – Nagar District) of PPP, Amina Ansari (Ghanche District) of PML(Q) and Agha Muhammad Ali and [...]