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I will survive: voilence against women →  December 10, 2012

Mukhtar Mai, Fakhra Younis, Samia Sarwar..women victimized in Pakistan. The first a gang-rape survivor who saw her alleged rapists go free following a nearly decade-long court battle, the second an acid attack victim who committed suicide after 12 desolate years, the third a young woman killed for honour when she sought to leave an abusive [...]

Bride and Groom found in hospital on wedding day →  December 9, 2012

Islamabad December 10: More than 80 people were taken to the hospital after they were served contaminated food at a local weeding here at Islamabad today. All these guests who were to enjoyed the wedding, found their selves lying on beds at Polyclinic Hospital in the city, according to the doctors many of the people [...]

Drone attack in North Waziristan: Senior Al-Qaeda leader killed →  December 9, 2012

Peshawar  December 10: Continuous drone attacks for the last decade has made the life of the people in the tribal areas very difficult, a senior Al-Qaeda commander  in Pakistan, Mohammad Ahmed Almansoor , has been killed by an unmanned aircraft today in North Waziristan. According to the details the drone fired several missiles at the [...]

→  December 9, 2012

Islamabad, December 9: Provision of the relief items has been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affair Division and the prime minister secretariat today after a meeting with the counselor Economic and Commercial Li Shaotong, at Embassy of the People Republic of China here at Islamabad. The items will be released for the [...]

Terror attacks increased in GB →  December 9, 2012

Gilgit: The terror attacks are increased from the last few years, Advocate Yawar was seriously injured at Domail  locality, after  attacked by a hand-grenade, he was rushed to the hospital. According to the details he is now in normal condition. Authorities along with the local people condemned the attack  

Weather Report Video of Gilgit Baltistan →  December 8, 2012

→  December 7, 2012

Islamabad: The Pakistan Mountain Festival is going arrange for 3 days long festival from 10 to 12  December in Islamabad at Pakistan Council for Arts, as it is also celebrated  yearly across the globe on December 11, 2012. The three days festival will include, art and exhibition, outdoor activities and teaching basic techniques of the [...]

→  December 4, 2012

When GB Police arrested Allama Sheikh Nayyar Abbas Mustafavi, The people of NOMAL take I-G GB Zakaria Usman as hostage to fulfill their demand of releasing Allama Sheikh Nayyar Abbas Mustafavi. Below video show riding in the helicopter scene of Zakaria Usman after nine hours successfully negotiation. Your browser does not support the video tag. [...]

→  December 2, 2012

Syria: the world going through crisis, after the pathetic situation in Gaza, we currently see more terrible situations, Syrian civil war, between people loyal to Ba’ath Party and those who are opposing it began on March 15, 2011, loss of a total 52,000 people 28,000 people missing by Oct 2012, 1.2 million have been displaced, [...]

→  December 1, 2012

Gilgit: The terrorit attacks has been common in Gilgit city for the last few years, Maula Ubaid ur Rehman, leader of  Jamiat-i-Ulima shot down by an unknown person here today in Gilgit city, the security forces arrested five people soon after the accident. It is said that the victim played role of prominent activist for [...]