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Green Pakistan

Clean Pakistan green Pakistan, that’s what we all think about. Pollution, lack of awareness and corrupt leaders, that’s what we all talk about. But thinking about the positives we got nothing. On this earth day let’s talk about this recent state of the art effort for making Pakistan healthy and clean.

In 2008, the Federal government requested the alternative energy development board (AEDB) and Pakistan State Oil (PSO) to work together and introduce Bio-diesel by august 2012 in Pakistan and gain five percent market share for this fuel by 2015. plans are underway to meet this target and bio-fuel will be available in Pakistan

bio-fuel is made from plant oil and animal fat, an ideal substitute for regular diesel. Pakistan requires eight million tons of regular diesel each year, the consumption amount can significantly be reduced by adding proportions of bio-fuel in regular diesel. bio-fuel can be used directly, PSO has already cultivated ”jatropha curcus” plant in over 700 acres of farmland and in different areas of Pakistan. the plant has an oil yield of 35% which then goes for the making of bio-fuel.

The production and use of Bio-fuel will result in saving of one million dollars per year for the government (diesel imports will be reduced). Bio-fuel doesn’t only save economy but also releases 80% less greenhouse gasses/emissions compared to regular diesel. it’s production and cultivation will be a source of income of estimated 150,000 farmers, and finally the farming and foresting practices may also improve which could result in reduced soil erosion and improved water quality.

Editor: Andleeb Iqbal

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