Chief Minister litters White Paper

November 14th, 20121:22 am


Chief Minister litters the white paper issued by PMLN yesterday, he said that it is issued with an aim to black mail the government. The Cheif minister threatened the PMLN to expose all the ground realities about their corruption he added, “they will not be able to the face the public if we come out with evidences, instead of baseless allegations”

Regarding the claim of corruption of the 8 crore PKR to have spent on the residences of both the chief minister and the Governor, Cheif Minister said that nobody can prove this, he added if he wants than he can have a royal styled residence in Gilgit-Baltistan, but since he shows sympathy to the people and the region therefore he spends a normal life.  Finance Minister also rejected the claim of spending so much of the money on their residences.

Cheif Minister also added that PPP has done nothing to the people of the region during their leadership, and they should not blame the current government to be involved in corruption. However the public has favored the step, and considered an appreciable initiative towards transparent and accountable system.

It is to be that many of the officials including Wazir Baig, Speaker GBLA and Minister Education, Ali Madad Sher accepted the government to be accused of corruption in various sectors including education sector. However the Finance Minister rejected the government to be accused of corruption.