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The Aga Khan III, a global leader →  November 2, 2014

The month of November is significant for two historic and major blessed events which occurred on consecutive dates, i.e November 1, is the liberation day of Gilgit Baltistan whereas November 2 is the birth day of Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III, a direct descendent of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the 48th Imam [...]

→  December 2, 2012

Syria: the world going through crisis, after the pathetic situation in Gaza, we currently see more terrible situations, Syrian civil war, between people loyal to Ba’ath Party and those who are opposing it began on March 15, 2011, loss of a total 52,000 people 28,000 people missing by Oct 2012, 1.2 million have been displaced, [...]

→  November 24, 2012

Sudan: the ordinary people in South Sudan have been extracting gold from artisanal mines and taking part in this unregulated trade. The government is expected to pass mining legislation that will formalize the mining industry, and would run a proper trade of the precious metal, it would be exported as well. According to the officials [...]

→  November 19, 2012

Gaza City– warplanes, drones, missiles, transverse the sky over the Gaza for sixth day Monday as Israel pressed its air offensive against Hamas, whose leader vowed continued resistance against the criminal enemy. Khaled Meshaal of Hamas said that they do not want a rapid rise in this destructive situation nor they call for a ground [...]

→  November 18, 2012

Israeli strikes kills 23 Palestinians on Sunday, including 14 women and 9 children in the bloodiest  day of its campaign, the Hamas-run health ministry said. Amongst the nine children five of them were babies and the remaining were toddlers, the total number of the victims thus reached to 69 in around 100 hours. This bloodshed [...]

Youtube Banned By Pakistan’s Government →  September 19, 2012

Youtube has been banned in Pakistan form Mid Night 16th September 2012 on direct orders form Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf. This is the reaction of the YouTube’s previously denied to remove video as requested from the White House saying that it not violate any of its community guidelines but Google’s YouTube Community Guidelines clearly stated [...]

→  September 18, 2012

Scientist has discovered the gene which will help to predict the human face. Researchers have said that this new research will help us to find out  the genes responsible for different diseases in human beings. This research on human genome was conducted by four-hundred researchers from  US, Japan, United Kingdom, Spain and Singapore. “Encyclopedia of [...]

→  August 6, 2012

The US space organization NASA has successfully landed the space vehicle- (Robot) on Mars. The main aim of this mission is to find weather life can exist on Mars or not. Most of the mission sent to Mars were not successful.

→  August 6, 2012

In London Olympics men hockey match Pakistan beat South Africa. Pakistan scored 5 goals and South Africa could only manage 4 goals. From very start the match was interesting and thrilling. And in other match South Korea won over  India by 4-1.