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Urn Found in Chaboikoshal Hunza →  April 11, 2014

Urn(a container that is often shaped like a vase with a closed top and that is used to hold the ashes of someone who has been cremated) found in Chaboikoshal Ganish Hunza, According to researchers dead bodies were burnt at the stake. After that, Ashes were carefully collected and put into urns Ejaz, speaking in [...]

→  August 18, 2013

On 4th  of  January 2010 blockade of Hunza  river at Attabad due to huge landslide and 33km long lake was created in which Karakorum High way submerged into water. The people of Gojal valley are still in the trouble situations due to transportation. Three and half year passed still they are traveling by boat. they [...]