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→  November 12, 2012

Higher Education Commission Pakistan, announces scholarship for the MS/ MPhil leading to PhD scholarships in selected fields at various countries. The students should have 16 years of education, and all the students of Pakistan and AJK can apply.  

→  November 11, 2012

The Federal Government has announced to regularized the posts of 1461 school teachers who are serving under National Education Foundation, and thus their basic salaries as well as gross salaries will also be increased. This will be implemented form the first of the December this year. Educational Minister Gilgit-Baltistan told the Federal Minister that for [...]

→  November 10, 2012

  Mr. Sharif Ullah Baig, hailing from Shiskat Gojal, has been appointed as member of International Editorial Advisory Board at University of North Carolina. The selection has been based on his remarkable contribution in the field of research related to social norms and values along with the research based in the field of eduction. Mr. [...]

→  September 18, 2012

Scientist has discovered the gene which will help to predict the human face. Researchers have said that this new research will help us to find out  the genes responsible for different diseases in human beings. This research on human genome was conducted by four-hundred researchers from  US, Japan, United Kingdom, Spain and Singapore. “Encyclopedia of [...]

→  August 6, 2012

The US space organization NASA has successfully landed the space vehicle- (Robot) on Mars. The main aim of this mission is to find weather life can exist on Mars or not. Most of the mission sent to Mars were not successful.

→  July 4, 2012

Final term examinations of Karakuram International University Gilgit are going to held on Monday July 9, 2012.

New University About to Open In Baltistan President Zardari →  April 19, 2012

President Zardari announce that they are going to open a new university in Baltistan named Benazir Shahid University in the name of her wife Benazir Bhutoo. He announce this on the occasion of his visit to Skardu yesterday. If they really did such thing then it would be a good step and it brings opportunities to the people of Gilgit Baltistan [...]