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→  November 14, 2012

Chief Minister litters the white paper issued by PMLN yesterday, he said that it is issued with an aim to black mail the government. The Cheif minister threatened the PMLN to expose all the ground realities about their corruption he added, “they will not be able to the face the public if we come out [...]

→  November 12, 2012

Despite of the depressive economic situation of the country, the government of Pakistan paid a total of $ 144.5 last weak on October, according to official Pakistan has to pay back a total of $ 534.4 million during on going month. The direct impact of this would be the pressure on the exchange reserves. According [...]

→  November 12, 2012

According to the white paper issued by MPL-N it was declared that the both the Governor Pir Karam Ali Shah and Cheif Minister Syed Mehdi Shah are guilty of using eight crore PKR for the construction, ornament ation and the decoration of their houses. According to officials the Governer and the Minister are earnings plenty [...]