AAC Gilgit-Baltistan challenges imposition of section 144

April 20th, 201411:59 am


AAC Gilgit-Baltistan challenges imposition of section 144

Gilgit, April 12: Awami Action Committee, an alliance of around 23 religious, progressive and nationalistic political groups, has decided to challenge the imposition of section 144 by the Gilgit-Baltistan adminisration in the court.

The decision was announced today by Advocate Eshan Ali, who is also Convenor of the Awami Action Committee. He said that the imposition of the section 144 is an effort to cripple the rights of the people and to press them into silence. He said that banning political processions and gatherings is tantamount to revoking of fundamental human rights.
The AAC protest a couple of weeks back was attended by thousands of people in Gilgit

Awami Action Committee has been able to mobilized hundreds of thousands of people across the Gilgit-Baltistan region

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