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November 12, 2012

Jabir Khan Onar Baylal Album Burushaski Songs

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[] Onar Baylal - 07 - Aailatar Jee Debela Saaz

[] Onar Baylal - 06 - Jar Mahjabeenan Ganowa

[] Onar Baylal - 05 - Aailatar Jee Debela

[] Onar Baylal - 04 - Eljenay Phar Numa Haraba

[] Onar Baylal - 03 - Khushye Ka Dushmani Manila

[] Onar Baylal - 02 - Oyam Atharee

[] Onar Baylal - 01 - Oney Yadolo Ja Jee

Jabir Khan Jabir is one the popular local singers, he singing in Burushaski, Shina and Wakhi language.



Ma Gileeto Hanus – Official Video of Gileeto

Official Video of Gileeto released now,, This is an unprofessional experience so ignore mistakes and watch the beauty of Gilgit & Diamir/Astore Divison GB.
by GBColors



Safaid Topi Us per Taj….Main Hon Gilgit Baltistan Say

My another New GB Song,, Safaid Topi us par Taj,,,,,Main hun Gilgit Baltistan Say,, A tribute to my Motherland GB. A Gift for those GBn’s who living abroad..My little effort hope u will incourage
by GBColors



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