February 19, 2018

How to get more likes to your Facebook Fan page

How to get more likes to your Facebook Fan page

Facebook pages are the best ways to generate traffic to your website. Today in this article I will tell you how you can get more likes to your Facebook page for free. So here is the trick. Make a fake profile in Facebook or is you are comfortable then you can use your own profile, but it is recommended that you use a fake profile, because sometime you get kicked out by Facebook. When you create a profile the next step is to add friends, who have more than 5000 friends and subscribers.   Next step you do is; make that profile as content creator of your page. Now when you have … [Read more...]

How to Start Blogging and Earn Money Using WordPress Platform


Before I go for this topic let me tell you something about Wordpress: It is a Content Management System which is used to develop website, it has a front end and a back end, front end is the front website look and back end is where you can do posting. I have attached a picture of back end please have a look. It is quite simple; like a MS word where you can write articles. This is where you can create a post and when you click publish button the post is displayed on the front end. If you need further assistance please go to Lynda.com and download a lecture on Wordpress so that you can … [Read more...]

How To Earn Online From Home For Free

There are plenty of methods through which you can earn online. I will explain some simple and easy method through which you can earn much income that you can afford your daily needs. These are some of free and mostly free of cost online methods of earning. Blogging Article writing Forum Posting Data entry Selling products Online Video Making Earning from Facebook Earning from YouTube Earning from Twitter The most important thing in online earning is patience; you have to be patience while doing online work, because it takes lots of time and quality. I will write article … [Read more...]

Tips How to Earn Form Home

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Hi all you might be asking that how you can earn from home, as on internet you can read lots of option e.g submits this much money and you will get lots of money in return, but unfortunately after spending lots of money you are unable to earn online. You might be getting emails form lots of people about winning a lottery and such other stuff, all of them are bogus don’t ever do what they said. They are so trained in this field that you cannot even judge or think that this is a fraud, but unfortunately all they do a fraud, they make you fool get your money and disappear like they never been, … [Read more...]

How to earn from Blogging

This is the best and most commonly used online earning method you ever use. You got power when you are good in blogging and if you make reputation online. There are two types of blogging, free and costly, I suggest you to spend some money and start with your own domain name, because it makes you a reputable blogger online. But you can start with the free packages offered by many websites. Best free blogging websites Blogger.com Wordpress.com These are the best and free blogging forums online where you just register yourself and start blogging. You might be asking this question … [Read more...]