February 19, 2018

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Career Guidance for Matriculation Students in Pakistan


In this article I will tell you about the entire possible field which you can choose and give you a broad vision of those fields in your future. Most of the student gets confused about choosing the subjects that what they choose and what is best for them in future. My opinion is that every field is best in its own because market needs best people in each field. So don’t think that if we take science the only we get succeed in our life. There are plenty of other fields which you can choose, but the most important thing is that you should choose the subject which you like the most, because … [Read more...]

List of Arts Fields

List of Arts Fields Although there are lot more options in this field then other fields, these are some of the common fields which come under this category. This area is very vast because it includes all the general fields which not come under science and economics. This area always need good people so if you have any good still then don’t waste it by doing science studies. I am not against science but I like you to choose the one which suits you the best. Only then you can excel in your career, do what you love to do. Government Posts (Administrative posts, Police … [Read more...]

List of Economics Fields

List of Economics Fields I call them the rulers of the world, because in every organization they get the most credit. The one who are best in this field are the people who create opportunities not seek opportunities. Some common fields in this area of study Bankers Business men Economists There are also so many other fields in this area but the best thing about this field are again I said they are the rulers of the world. If you get some free time I suggest you to watch a documentary called “Thrive Movement” then you gona have a clear idea of what economists are capable … [Read more...]

List of Engineering Fields

List of Engineering Fields Here are the list of engineering field from which you can choose which best suits you. Manufacturing Engineering Industrial Engineering Chemical Engineering Ceramic Engineering Biomedical Engineering Automotive Engineering Architectural Engineering Agricultural Engineering Aerospace Engineering Environmental Engineering Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering Civil Engineering Transportation Engineering Ocean Engineering Nuclear Engineering Mining Engineering Mechanical Engineering Materials Engineering Marine … [Read more...]

List Biological Fields

List Biological Fields This is the study of life and living organisms, it is very vast subject with many subdivisions. Common Fields in this area of science Doctor Lectureship Other then these fields we have a common perception that if we go for biology then we become a doctor that is not right because there are plenty of other fields in biology. Here is the list of best field of biology Science. Biochemistry – It is the study of the chemical reactions Bioengineering – It is the study of biology through engineering Agriculture – it is the study of production of … [Read more...]

Career Guidance for College Students

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Career Guidance after Matriculation and Before College In this article I will explain all the fields which you can take and you will become a successful person in your life. In this stage everyone is confused that which subject they choose so they become what they want to be in their life. Some of you like to become artists some like to be a doctor or politician or engineer, astronauts etc. So here I will briefly explain each subject and its importance in your future. I think you have to choose that profession which you like the most and what you are good at. Suppose if you good in … [Read more...]