February 22, 2018

Admissions Open in ICMAP 2012 in A/O Level

ICMAP admissions 2012

Courses Offered CAM What is CAM? CAM is a two years certificate program in Accounting and Management for Intermediate/A-levels students. The course comprise of 4 semesters and 6 months Supervised practical training. Who can apply? Intermediate / A-Levels students can apply. Read More CMA What is CMA? CMA is a three years postgraduate certificate program in Cost and Management Accounting. The course comprise of 6 stages and one year practical exposure. Who can apply? Graduates, Post Graduates and CAM qualified students can apply. You can apply online here … [Read more...]

Admission Open In GCCE(The Gilgit College of Commerce and Economics)


  Vision of GCCE: “Mountain University of Commerce and Economics that will be a high seat of learning and research relevant to mountain region" Mission of GCCE: " To contribute our role in the socio-economic development of mountainous Pakistan by preparing world class professional accountants, economists and business leaders " Scholarships: Need Based scolarship G.M Baig Memorial Scholarship BiBi Asthama Memorial Scolarship Qara Baig Memorial Scolarship Shehzad Sher Memorial Scolarship(For Hunza Campus) Merit Scholarship Distinctions: … [Read more...]