February 19, 2018

Career Guidance for Matriculation Students in Pakistan

In this article I will tell you about the entire possible field which you can choose and give you a broad vision of those fields in your future. Most of the student gets confused about choosing the subjects that what they choose and what is best for them in future. My opinion is that every field is best in its own because market needs best people in each field. So don’t think that if we take science the only we get succeed in our life. There are plenty of other fields which you can choose, but the most important thing is that you should choose the subject which you like the most, because they help you a lot in getting succeed in your daily life.

There are three common fields from which you have to choose when you are in matriculation.

  1. Science
    1. Bio Science
    2. Engineering
    3. Computer Science
  2. Arts
  3. Economics

Now form these field you have to choose that which field you are going to select, I will tell you some common and best occupation under each field, then you have a better idea of which courses you have to take in matriculation

  1. Bio Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
    1. Doctors
    2. Lectureship
  2. Engineering (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics)
    1. Civil Engineering
    2. Mechanical Engineers
    3. Electrical Engineers
    4. Mechatronics
  3. Computer Science (Mathematics, Computer, Physics)
    1. Software Engineering
    2. Computer Science
  4. Arts
    1. Media
    2. Artists (You can join NCA)
    3. All government Posts (Police, Administrational and others)
    4. Politics
  5. Economics (They rule the world)
    1. Businessman
    2. Bankers

So these are the common fields from which you can choose that what you like to be in your life.

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